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US-2006287082-A1: Game system with enhanced control for moving displayed virtual objects patent, US-2007015800-A1: Use of a compound in providing refreshedness on waking and a method for the treatment of drowsiness therewith patent, US-2007049818-A1: Body-insertable apparatus patent, US-2007051313-A1: Reaction apparatus for producing vapor-grown carbon fibers and continuous production system therefor patent, US-2007055136-A1: Inspection apparatus using magnetic resonance patent, US-2007068941-A1: Storage and transport container patent, US-2007085999-A1: Device for determining a refractive index in a large number of points of a physical environment, for example part of a human or animal body patent, US-2007102421-A1: Fluid heating device and heating medium passing roller device using the same patent, US-2007127139-A1: Lens barrel, image pick-up apparatus and lens position adjustment method patent, US-2007127634-A1: Call recording device patent, US-2007128141-A1: Composition incorporating emollient oils into bodywash patent, US-2007136815-A1: Content data reproducing system, content data reproducing program, and reproducing apparatus patent, US-2007146073-A1: Differential circuit with offset control patent, US-2007159694-A1: System and method for converting the polarization state of an optical beam into an inhomogenously polarized state patent, US-2007165650-A1: System and Method for Managing Network Elements in an ATM Network patent, US-2007174152-A1: Handheld system for information acquisition, verification, recording, processing, display and communication patent, US-2007174218-A1: Printer, control method, and used amount acquiring method patent, US-2007188887-A1: Zoom lens system and image-pickup apparatus patent, US-2007222547-A1: Methods for simulating custom hair color results and thereby formulating custom hair coloring compositions patent, US-2007223743-A1: Electro-Acoustic Converter and Electronic Device Using the Same patent, US-2007225250-A1: Cobalamin compositions for the treatment of cancer patent, US-2007227572-A1: Device for supplying power to field devices patent, US-2007230559-A1: Allowing Immediate Update of Pulse Width Modulation Values patent, US-2007245120-A1: Multiple microcontroller system, instruction, and instruction execution method for the same patent, US-2007248280-A1: Sign coring for contour reduction patent, US-2007253836-A1: Vacuum pump and vacuum system including the same patent, US-2007257176-A1: Leg structure of office chair patent, US-2007258155-A1: Fixing method for resin lens patent, US-2007262947-A1: Method for eliminating shadow around support pin of LED backlight patent, US-2007272304-A1: Hot cold water supply crossover manifold patent, US-2007281504-A1: Connector system, packaging structure, and electronic device using the same patent, US-2007287634-A1: Waveguide-based MEMS tunable filters and phase shifters patent, US-2008008083-A1: Apparatus, method and computer program product providing low-density parity-check block length selection patent, US-2008041711-A1: Toilet illumination system patent, US-2008047953-A1: Redundant hot melt adhesive material heater elements and temperature sensors disposed within single cartridge bodies patent, US-2008055103-A1: Traveling system for mobile bodies and control method therefor patent, US-2008058688-A1: Air-cushioned arm pad patent, US-2008064664-A1: Skin Beautifier patent, US-2008065063-A1: High-frequency endoscopic instrument patent, US-2008069552-A1: Image stabilizing system and optical apparatus patent, US-2008072492-A1: Plant watering/food dispersing system patent, US-2008084116-A1: EIB protocol in an integrated power distribution system patent, US-2008088403-A1: Inverter Transformer patent, US-2008089704-A1: Image forming apparatus and color registration method thereof patent, US-2008121616-A1: Spatial-frequency tripling and quadrupling processes for lithographic application patent, US-2008137879-A1: Wireless audio system patent, US-2008147193-A1: Expandable intervertebral implant patent, US-2008199866-A1: Snp detection and other methods for characterizing and treating bipolar disorder and other ailments patent, US-2008205598-A1: Coherent Scatter Computer Tomography Material Identification patent, US-2008207961-A1: Perfluoroparacyclophane and methods of synthesis and use thereof patent, US-2008228014-A1: Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol and Products Produced Therefrom patent, US-2008238168-A1: Seat sliding apparatus for vehicle patent, US-2008246909-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2008288895-A1: Touch-Down Feed-Forward in 30D Touch Interaction patent, US-2008294180-A1: Gastric Belt patent, US-2008298662-A1: Automatic Detection of Lymph Nodes patent, US-2009002801-A1: Electrochromic mirror patent, US-2009024304-A1: Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine patent, US-2009027427-A1: Drive circuit for liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device having the same patent, US-2009066243-A1: Light-emitting device patent, US-2009104983-A1: Game System patent, US-2009111503-A1: Overload indicator for adjusting open loop power control parameters patent, US-2009134566-A1: Photosensitive Material Conveying System and Image Forming Apparatus patent, US-2009136858-A1: Electrophotographic transfer paper patent, US-2009142577-A1: Composite webs and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2009148359-A1: Photocatalytic reaction systems for water purification patent, US-2009170558-A1: Mobile security device patent, US-2009184785-A1: Attenuator patent, US-2009188417-A1: Anchor reeling patent, US-2009222526-A1: Using gender analysis of names to assign avatars in instant messaging applications patent, US-2009285524-A1: Suspension board with circuit patent, US-2010023096-A1: Motion sickness device patent, US-2010025215-A1: Energy storage mechanism for switching device patent, US-2010037723-A1: Bicycle shift control device patent, US-2010097570-A1: Assymetrical progressive lens patent, US-2010100758-A1: Power over network methods and systems patent, US-2010124437-A1: Image Forming Apparatus and Image Forming Method patent, US-2010148557-A1: Swivelable vehicle seat comprising a locking means for creating a manually surmountable resistance patent, US-2010157867-A1: Pausing Keep-Alive Messages and Roaming for Virtual Private Networks on Handheld Devices to Save Battery Power patent, US-2010182202-A1: Multiband antenna patent, US-2003226317-A1: Window panel balance apparatus and method patent, US-2004019161-A1: One-pack moisture-curing epoxy resin composition patent, US-2004020105-A1: Emulsified water fuel blend containing an aqueous organic ammonium salt patent, US-2004069902-A1: Optimal control design for aircraft antiskid brake control systems patent, US-2004090593-A1: Eyeglass with auxiliary lenses patent, US-2004154348-A1: Holder assembly of drain hose and washing machine using the same patent, US-2004174956-A1: Apparatus and method for shaping high voltage potentials on an insulator patent, US-2004243655-A1: Direct RF sampling for cable applications and other broadband signals patent, US-2004244452-A1: Method and device for winding a thin metal strip, especially a hot rolled or cold rolled thin steel strip patent, US-2005005673-A1: Ferrite system patent, US-2005029339-A1: Systems, methods and devices for data exchange patent, US-2005038237-A1: Process for the production of alginate having a high mannuronic acid-content patent, US-2005041252-A1: Reusable, high stiffness, magnetic shield for fiber optic gyroscopes patent, US-2005042085-A1: Arrangement for mounting a non-rotating component patent, US-2005050254-A1: Apparatus for preventing the theft of laptop computers patent, US-2005052663-A1: Image source-file DPI printing-scale control patent, US-2005062979-A1: Optical fiber pressure and acceleration sensor fabricated on a fiber endface patent, US-2005068523-A1: Calibration block and method for 3D scanner patent, US-2005077267-A1: Method to etch chrome deposited on calcium fluoride object patent, US-2005093783-A1: Oled driver circuit with selectable LCD controller interface and drive strength patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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